Inside The Acid Temple

by Liquid Sound Company

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released May 1, 2017

From the original 2002 LP/CD liner notes:

John Perez - guitars, percussion, vocals, traaltakor, rare Owsley tabs
Jason Spradlin - drums, vibes, percussion, platgroost
David Fargason - bass, Moog, 4 star general of "getting into it," entraypton

Additional mind melt visitation from:
Allan "Skip" Wise - Sandoyan vocals on "Cubehead" and "The Gospel According To Robot A. Hull"
Matt Miller - swirling sitar action throughout
Clayton Mills - searing snugent slead on "The Gospel According To Robot A. Hull"
Sylvia Perez - Satanic sexual verses and Tantric breathing
Robin Kennon - sychadelic percussion all over

Recorded at the Brotherhood's Secret Temple Of Love Studios
Produced by John Perez and Clayton Mills
Engineered by Clayton Mills

The LIQUID SOUND COMPANY would like to give thanks, praise, and free vials of Sandoz to:
Clayton Mills for his gift of time and patience with this project, all of our beautiful guests for their contributions, Nasoni for getting this out on vinyl, Rich Haupt and Rockadelic for getting the first one on vinyl, Malleus for understanding the acid visions, Jesse Bruno for hospitality at the Rancho Psychedelico (Tuck forever!), Dharma Spradlin, Sylvia Perez, Sonia, Necrotonz, V.D.O., Sound and all of our families and friends that help us achieve our visions and dreams.
David Fargason would like to make a special dedication to the late Doug Ferguson who continues to inspire us all.

Psychedelic music. Why be so forward and diligent on categorizing music? Quite simply because we want to and our intentions are to make what we believe to be psychedelic music. What is psychedelic music? Ask different people and you'll almost always get a different answer, but as far as we're concerned it's music that challenges and titillates the senses, much like psychedelic drugs do (although music doesn't have the sheer force of these aforementioned substances). Psychedelic music is the most broad of all genres of music as it covers a vast catalog of styles and influences and assimilates it into one package for your aural delight, and while it may lack the "sheer force" described above, it offers a glimpse into the heady world of altered consciousness.
Which brings us to another point. We could go on for quite some time on the virtues of psychoactive substances, but that would take days and more paper than this insert will hold. What we can say is that this music, particularly on this LP is intended to be listened to under the influence of a mind altering substance. More specifically, the preferred substance being LSD. Now look out - we're not advocating the irresponsible use of psychoactive drugs mind you! Rather, we advocate the religious experience of enjoying this music in the comfort of your temple (home) and with your religious congregation (family, close friends, spouse). "Religious" too strong a word for this scene? Nope. To those that know, music can be a very spiritual and cosmic experience if you open yourself up to it and give it the attention it deserves. Psychedelics merely enhance this process 1000 fold. Sound becomes a physical reality and at times an abstract amalgamation of otherworld movements and vibrations. You begin to understand the true nature of music, the pipes of Pan, the Devil's tool, and god's way of creating joy. Insanity and genius, Hellish tribulation and blissful elation. A paradox so beautifully crafted by "turned on" musicians and artists in an effort to turn on their fellow brethren.
We should make it clear that while recommended to be listened to in this state it is not by any means necessary to enjoy the music on a more "reality based" level. The music is designed for maximum enjoyment either in or out of the psychoactive state of mind. And of course we don't want to advocate breaking the law in any way so check your local laws to make sure that whatever substance you may imbibe in is legal in your country and/or planet.
Please enjoy your trip and don't forget to leave your luggage behind as you won't be needing it on this voyage. Above all, respect and love one another. Start with the music.
Timothy Stark (Manager/LIQUID SOUND COMPANY)



all rights reserved


Liquid Sound Company Arlington, Texas

Formed in 1996 by Solitude Aeturnus guitarist John Perez and Last Chapter drummer Jason Spradlin. The goal: create mind expanding psychedelic sounds for the head! With the nucleus of the band being Perez & Spradlin the band has had several members of "The Company" come through it's ranks including Terri Pritchard, David Fargason, Alan "Skip" Wise, and Mark Cook. ... more

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Track Name: Cubehead
The stars are shining bright tonight
You know it's gonna be alright
The sound is dripping everywhere
And you just sit and stare
With Max and Cop around
We both feel safe and sound
No lights no energy
We fly in sinful...
Glee filled inner space
It's Deasy time a waste of space
Now and then you've gone too far
But on the peak it's worth it all
The chief of Boo Hoo Tribe
Her name is you and I
The League For Spiritual
Discoveries a...
Thrill seekers inner space
It's Deasy time a waste of space
Now and then you've gone too far
But on the peak it's worth it all
Track Name: Preparation For The Psychedelic Eucharist
Seeking the pathways
Find your way home
Distant yet near
Pleasure so dear
Helpless and writhing
She takes control
Chief or Big D now
Invades your soul
Track Name: Inside The Acid Temple
As your mind begins dissolving corridors a golden shrine
Higher Elevation wanders slipping through the edge of time
I can see the morning moon and never knowing what is real
Clear Light spectrum slithers round you now you know that you are gone
Flowing through the streams of Heavens great divide you are divine
Heaven, Hell and all its glories death has called it is your time
Track Name: The Gospel According To Robot A. Hull
What do they mean when they tell her they mean what they say?
Here's a handful of dexies, undress this and take it away
Her sister insists that she's not really taking a loss
Cause she takes too much space and replacing her's not worth the cost
So I shade in her face while she plays with the last gingercake
But I cannot relax cause I'm flat on my back in her paint
I can see the colours fade fading into gray
Colours fade and drift away ok
Her sister insists that she's not really taking a loss
Cause she takes too much space and replacing her's not worth the cost
But the hues you refuse just come back and misuse
What you thought you had caught on the drip drip drip dropcloth
That catches you off guard so let us pretend
That our senses are bent like a clock in a Dali salon.